This is a picture from drummer Milad

Milad was born in Kamechli, Syria and has lived in Wiesbaden, Germany since 1989. His interest in Middle Eastern rhythms and music started when he was a child.

Over the years he has developed a passion for the Arabic drum, called the Daraboka or Tabla, and has become a very accomplished musician with this instrument.

Milad pours his heart and soul into his drumming. His passion fires his audience up during his shows and seminars.

Milad is a perceptive instructor and he really enjoys teaching his craft.

His artistic experiences include working with and instructing many international dance groups, Oriental dance schools and large production dance projects. Milad has participated in many live television shows.

In 1996 Milad produced successfully his first CD: (Milad Tabla) and in 2005 his second CD: (Schätze des Orients) was released.

Milad has been teaching drum seminars for years by arrangement. He currently drums live for several dance troupes.