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Eastern music information

Bassam Ayoub

Musician and Singer. Oriental Music sound studio production (Eng. & Gr.).

Abdallah Safar

a very famous Musiker in the USA (Eng.).


Many videos, cds and Informations about the Middle Eastern music and Bellydance (Eng.).


A very interesting website with music samples, videos, links and more (Eng.).


A Website about the Arabic Music (Eng. & Arab.).

Middle eastern dance infos
Bellydance Info

infos about middle eastern dance (Gr.).


the largest Online-Community for Bellydance in Germany (Gr.).


more than 400 Links about the orientalic culture and

Bellydance (Gr.).

Tanzender Bauch

A dancer from joy in the music and the movements (Gr.).

Mara Kairuhzan

A dancer from Rhein-Main (Gr.).

Andre Elbing

André Elbing is an integral part of the oriental dance scene in Germany and Europe.

Oriental costumes/accessories
Schätze des Orients

Oriental Dance Costumes, jewellery, accessories and CD's (Gr.)